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Please find some assorted samples of realized and official approved world records, done by
RHR™ Germany - The World Record Company

Most one hand jumps
Most munchmills
Most one hand jumps-hops with a clap in one minute -   55
Most consecutive elbow spins
Most jackhammer hops in one minute   63
The fastest time to type a text message (SMS) on a mobile phone while performing head spins (breakdance) is 56.65 seconds
Fastest time for rope jumps doing the worm
most ropeskips while doing a worm  18,27 sec
Most nuts crushed by sitting down in one minute 110
Fastest 20 m performing breakdance flairs - 06-04-2014   35,17
hollowback and throwing  cubes into a basket, with a distance of 3 meters

Longest backflip
Longest jump from feet to handstand
Longest standing jump 3,15 m
The most sideflips whilst playing guitar in one minute are 7 Longest sideflip parkour
Longest distance backflip into jeans
Most jumps into a moving car by a team in 2 mins  41
Most backflips in one minute (team) 51
Most futsal goals scored from overhead kicks in a minute  11
HIghest backflip off the wall
Most tees snatch off doing sideflips  I one minute 11

Strongmen & Physical Strength
Fastest time to extract nails from wooden bar
Lifting a helicopter and structure for 30 seconds
Longest time to restrain a truck on full power is 8.40 seconds
Most thrown dometic appliances in 2 minutes over 2 m
Holding back a car whilst doing wheelie start  22,33 sec
Highest bungee jump restrained with the hands was 65.59 meters
Heaviest weight supported with the mouth is 5 sec 173 kg
The most drinks cans crushed with the hands in one minute
Fastest time to flip 10 cars on their roof by a team is 36,84 seconds  
The longest distance pulling a truck with a weight of 2,0 to in a handstand position is 7,50 meters
Farthest throw of a SIMSON S 51 motorblock from a standing position is 7,98 meters
Longest duration to perform a single handstand is 63,63 seconds
Farthest throw of a V 8 crank shaft with a weight of 26,20 kg is 5,02 meters
Longest duration in the dead hang position with one hand is 1 Minute 53 seconds
Longest duration in the dead hang position is 19 Minutes 33 seconds
Fastest 10 Meters rope climbing using only arms ( legs neutral) is 14,06 seconds
The fastest time for a eight-course handsatnd dinner is 119 seconds
The most one arm pull ups in on hour (using only one arm at time)  is 220
The most one arm pull ups in three hours (using only one arm at time)  is 422
The most chest to ground push up burpees in one hour is 876  repetitions
The heaviest weight lifted with the pinky finger is 106 kg

Martial Arts:
Most cans crushed by fist
Most broken concrete blocks while doing frontflips in one minute
Most crushed coconuts by elbow in one minute
Most broken concrete blocks while doing frontflips in one minute
Most pair of coconuts smashed in one minute
Most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute blindfolded
Most needles thrown through pane glass with a distance of  2 meters in 90 seconds is 15
Most paper aircraft thrown into watermelons in one minute is 15
Most bottles smashed through a wooden board with one hand in one minute is 47
Most waterballoons burst with 5 arrows within 90 seconds is 107

The largest coffee painting is 105,50 m²

Football freestyle:
Most around the worlds in one minute: 57  female

Artistic cycling:
Most headtube raisers backwards

Longest distance with an unicycle on the slackline. 15,66 m
Longest bottle rail
Fastest time for 12 meters on  a 4 m unicycle rack within 1 minute is 39 seconds

most gyrator bmx spins in 30 sec
most BMX Footjam jumps continuously

most consecutive frontflips
most consecutive backflips
most consecutive kick flips

Fastest return vehicle slalom on two wheels 46,85 sec
Most balloons bursted on 2 wheels in a row = 99

Most cans crushed with shoulder blades in one = 68.
The longest distance walking over hot plates is 25 m
The most kisses given in one minute is 117
Fastest time to dress a Santa = 34,14 seconds
Fastest time to dress in a santa costume = 52,84 seconds
Most jumpers / sweater worn at once - = 26 sweaters
Most jumper put on in 30 seconds (Team of two) = 6 swweaters in 27 seconds..
The most hits of a person with water balloons in one minute is 34
Fastest 100m wearing ski-boots 17.65 seconds
Fastest mile in clogs (7 min 26.48) sec
Fastest 400 m in clogs
Most wet T-shirts put on in one minute is currently 12

Unraveling  knots 14 in 3 minutes, and 5 in only one minute.
The most bank notes removed from a wallet by a dog in one minute is 6
Most coins into a piggy bank

Mind memory:
Accurate spelling of numbers of Pi whilst dribbling a football

longest time breath held under water upside down 4 min 29 sec

Contact Juggling:
most contact juggling arm rolls

Rope Skipping:
Most skips while sitting in one minute is 120
Most skips of a rope wearing ski boots and skis in 1 minute is 61 jumps
Most Bum Skips in one minute is 140

Speed Stacking Outdoor:

Point of Presence for Europe
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